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NDIS Approved Expert System!

GeneMarker® HID human identity software is an excellent choice for all forensic profiling applications. This expert system software can be employed as a "biologist-friendly" replacement for GeneScan®/GenoTyper® or as an alternative to GeneMapper® ID and GeneMapper® IDX human identification software, reducing analyst required edits by 18-73% per sample. GeneMarker® HID is concordant with GeneMapper®ID and GeneMapper®IDX and compatible with ABI®PRISM 310, 3100, 3130, 3730, 3500 CE output (.fsa, .hid) and chemistries (including GlobalFiler™ 6-Dye™, Identiflier®, Minifiler®, PowerPlex®16, PowerPlex®ESI, PowerPlex®Fusion 5 and 6 Dye, Investigator®24Plex, Investigator®DIPplex and SureID® STR chemistries) uses advanced Windows® technology that is intuitive and easy to learn. In addition to standard STR analysis, GeneMarker HID software has been optimized to analyze profiles from YSTRs, Low Copy Number LCN samples, ABI's MiniFiler™ Kit, and replicate sample consensus. GeneMarker HID software includes applications to assist experts with Mixture Analysis. Relationship testing and database searching for matching/near matching profiles and familial search capabilities, which are essential for crime scene investigation, missing persons identification and paternity testing. GeneMarker HID software has been validated by forensic labs world-wide and has many time-saving tools, including an automated contamination check, to reduce casework backlogs and analyst fatigue.

Developed in collaboration with Mitchell Holland, Ph.D., Director of The Pennsylvania State University's Forensic Science Program. Review Dr. Holland's GeneMarker HID software Poster and Journal of Forensic Science article.

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