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Kinship Analysis of Natural Population Microsatellite (SSR, STR) Data

GeneMarker, genotyping software for DNA fragment data from ABI PRISM®, Beckman CEQ™ or MegaBACE™ capillary electrophoresis, includes a linked Kinship Analysis and database search module which enables ecologists, and other wildlife researchers to easily identify kinships in natural plant and animal populations, poaching cases, livestock breeding programs and aquaculture.

The "Kinship Analysis" tool provides a report table with probabilities and likelihood ratios across three generations for sample pairs. The rigorous statistical analysis (Brenner, 1997; Li and Sachs 1954) to determine levels of kinship uses identity by descent (IBD) equations, GeneMarker database search tool identifies samples with the same STR profile and calculates the random match probability; identifies and ranks files with the highest likelihood ratio for each relationship level to the experimental sample. Genetic Analysis Parameters allow setting for mistyping or mutation. The Database accepts allele frequency tables (species-specific markers), genotypes from current projects or combined multiplex results, and previously archived genotype .txt or .cmf files, providing easy database updates.

GeneMarker’s Database Search Report: Report Settings to Customize Search for Animal or Plant Samples


Kinship Analysis Settings Provide Customization of Report Format


Download Application Note Kinship and Database Search: Animals
Download Application Note Kinship and Database Search: Monoecious Plants and Invertebrates
Download Plant & Animal Genome Kinship Poster

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