SNPlex® & SNPWave® Analysis

One high‐throughput method to determine SNP genotypes is SNPWave (Keygene N.V.), which uses multiplex oligonucleotide ligation amplification of allele‐specific probes coupled with AFLP®-primer selective amplification. Basic principle of SNPWave Multiplex allele-discrimination based on ligation using probes with unique stuffer (green). Circularizing padlock ligation probes are constructed that are specific to the SNP and flanking sequences. Locus‐specific probes hybridize to denatured genomic DNA. Allele‐specificity is determined by the SNP at the 5' end of the padlock-probe. Probes that contain a 5' nucleotide complementary to the SNP will be ligated and amplified by PCR in subsequent reactions. Alternatively, SNPlex Genotyping (Applied Biosystems) has been used to investigate SNPs in a diverse research, including breast cancer and to genotype plants. GeneMarker software genotyping software is designed for fast, accurate and efficient analysis of SNPlex and SNPWave data from MegaBASE®, Beckman-Coulter® or ABI®PRISM capillary electrophoresis systems.

GeneMarker software's SNPWave Report

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