LOH Analysis (Loss of Heterozygosity)

LOH occurs when a somatic cell contains only one copy of an allele due to non-disjunction during mitosis, segregation during recombination, or deletion of a chromosome segment. LOH becomes critical when the remaining allele contains a point mutation that renders the gene inactive. This is a common occurrence in cancers where a tumor suppressor gene is affected. GeneMarker® software fragment analysis software, compatible with all major genetic analyzers including Beckman CEQ™ , ABI PRISM®, or MegaBACE™ , has been developed to aid researchers and technicians in the detection of LOH within cancer cells. It is a user-friendly alternative to CEQ™ Fragment Analysis Software, MegaBACE ®Genetic Profiler, GeneMapper®, Genotyper® . Using a unique allele calling algorithm, GeneMarker software uses the germ line reference to compare and detect LOH in samples and provides a customizable final report with electronic signature of analyst, tumor and reference sample traces, ratio plots and a table of peak statistics.

Example of LOH Traces and Ratio Plots: The blue trace is the experimental sample overlaid on the red reference sample trace for immediate visualization of LOH.

Final LOH Report

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Loss of Heterozygosity Detection with GeneMarker® (PDF)

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