Project Comparison Tool for Instrument or Analysis Parameter Validation

The Project Comparison is a review tool that provides a fast, side by side comparison of two replicate projects. Uses include establishing and comparing analysis parameters, validation studies to develop laboratory standard operating procedures, and ensuring consistent calls of edited alleles (especially beneficial for long term projects to confirm that edits/comments are consistently applied).

The Two projects are compared using some or all of the options in the Project comparison settings box. If there are no difference in the same sample in the two projects the table is not highlighted. Any peak with a difference in the selected parameter(s) will have a highlighted cell. Double click on the cell to display that section of the electropherogram with details provided in the table below the electropherograms.

Project Comparison Tool

  • Establishing Analysis Parameters
  • Validation Studies
  • Ensuring Consistent Calls for Edited Alleles
    Tools —> Project Comparison

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