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Microsatellite Instability (MSI) Analysis

The MSI Application in GeneMarker, a biologist friendly alternative to GeneMapper®, Genotyper™, GeneScan®, MegaBACE Genetic Profiler, CEQ™ Fragment Analysis Software; is directly linked to the main analysis screen and is an excellent tool for analysis from kits such as the Promega MSI Analysis System, Roche HNPCC Microsatellite Instability Test, Applied Biosystems MSI Primers separated with ABI PRISM® 310, 3100, 3130, 3500, 3730, Beckman CEQ™ or MegaBACE™ genetic analyzers for comparison of tumor to the corresponding normal sample, as with colorectal, breast elevated- microsatelliteinstability-at-selected-tetranucleotide-repeats (EMAST), bladder cancer. This instability is due to either insertion or deletion of repeating units during DNA replication and failure of the mismatch repair system (MMR) to correct these errors. GeneMarker’s MSI Analysis module compares tumor to normal samples based on peak-to-peak comparison. The customized final report includes a header for electronic signature, trace overlay (tumor and normal), trace comparison histogram and gain/loss table.

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