An advanced gel imaging and file conversion tool

JelMarker™ was developed in response to a growing demand for software that can analyze fluorescence, chemiluminescence and autoradiography gel image files - especially those from LI-COR's 4300 DNA Analyzer and KODAK's Image Station 4000R. With JelMarker you can import up to two TIFF, BIP, JPEG, and TXT files for simultaneous analysis. JelMarker™ exports SCF files for easy upload to the fragment analysis software: GeneMarker®.

Take control of your gel images!

Introduction to JelMarker webinar (view)

  • JelMarker™ is a simple, stand-alone image reading software.
  • Highly accurate lane and band recognition
  • Easy to modify lane and band positions using a point-and-click methodology
  • Export two color images in SCF format for fragment analysis

Figure 1.
JelMarker automatically identifies lanes and bands using a unique image reading algorithm.

Figure 2.
Once the image is processed, the user has full control to manipulate lane/band position and orientation, individual fragment markers and standard identification.

Figure 3.
Save the edited image as a project or export the SCF files for fragment analysis in GeneMarker.

Application Notes

  • AFLP® Analysis with JelMarker [PDF]
  • TILLING Application Note [PDF]
  • AFLP Analysis of gel images Application Note [PDF]

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JelMarker Applications:
SNP Discovery