A Unique tool for DNA Variant Analysis from Sanger Sequence Traces

Mutation Surveyor® software is a powerful and accurate DNA Sequencing analysis tool for Sanger Sequencing files generated by Applied Biosystems Genetic Analyzers, MegaBACE, and Beckman CEQ electrophoresis systems. Capable of performing variant analysis of up to 2000 Sanger sequencing files (.ab1, .RSD, .ESD & .scf) in 15 minutes, Mutation Surveyor delivers excellent accuracy, sensitivity, and low false positive and false negative rates in the analysis of DNA variants, including: single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), insertions and deletions (INDELS), and somatic mutations in direct sequencing, PCR sequencing, Mitochondrial DNA sequencing, and resequencing projects. The package includes patented anti-correlation technology, which physically compares sample sequence traces to a reference trace, providing accuracy up to 99.5% with Phred 20 bi-directional sequences and a sensitivity of 5% of the primary peak. Along with increased accuracy and sensitivity, Mutation Surveyor features many tools for researchers and clinicians including automated download of annotated GenBank reference files, detection and de-convolution of heterozygous indels, DNA methylation detection, mitochondrial DNA sequence analysis, allele quantification, and various custom reporting options.

Mutation Surveyor has been validated for use in clinical applications by NGRL, UK and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Validations of Mutation Surveyor:
(National Genetics Reference Laboratory, Manchester UK) [pdf]

(University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) [pdf]

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