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Patented Anti-Correlation Technology for Sequence Analysis

Mutation Surveyor software’s patented physical comparison “anti-correlation” technology provides DNA variant (Polymorphisms, somatic, INDELS (duplications, deletions), Heterozygote detection) from Sanger Sequencing reads and is compatible with outputs from all major sequencing platforms, Applied BioSystems Prism, Beckman Coulter CEQ as well as MegaBACE systems. Combined with the software’s unique multi-step alignment algorithm and mobility detection capabilities, Mutation Surveyor provides accuracy in excess of 99% of Phred 20 bi-directional sequence traces at sensitivity greater than 5% or the primary peak or 1 part diseased cell in 17 parts normal cells.

The software’s Windows® based operation, biologist-friendly interface, automatically downloads GenBank reference files, with complete annotation, contig assemblyand custom reporting that is not available in similar programs such as Variant Reporter, DNAStar, Sequencher or SeqPilot.

Figure 1

The illustration shows an indel and a SNP detected in close proximity of each other with a mutation table at the bottom listing analysis parameters. Accuracy of the software to detect and call variation is greater than 99% when using phred 20, bi‐directional data.

Researchers no longer need to perform time consuming and inaccurate comparison of the entire sample trace. With Mutation Surveyor, any found variants of the sample, when compared to the wild type, are clearly indicated by the red mobility line in the center of the electropherogram.

Accuracy of the software in the bi-directional analysis mode is over 99%, with sensitivity to greater than 5% of the primary peak. Our collaborators have demonstrated an accuracy of 95% when processing single direction sequence traces.

Mutation Surveyor's detection sensitivity allows detection of peaks buried in the baseline of both the forward and reverse traces, alerting researchers to the possible presence of somantic mutations.

Analysis courtesy of Dr. Yidong Bai, Assistant Professor, University of Texas Health Center, San Antonio TX

Figure 2

Accuracy of the software in the bi-directional analysis mode is over 99%,
with sensitivity to greater than 5% of the primary peak

Mutation Surveyor easily processes 2000 lanes of data in approximately 15 minutes, and can be operated on a fully automated, unattended basis.

The software forms contigs, performs alignments and mutation detection comparing both forward and reverse compliment sequence traces to the reference or wildtype sequence. Homozygote and Heterozygote mutations are indicated by sharp peaks in our exclusive mutation electropherogram.

Unique algorithms perform a comparison of sample to reference sequence traces in both forward and reverse electropherograms, checking for similar peaks that are present in the background.This technique provides analytical quality sensitivity.


BasePatch is a function unique to Mutation Surveyor and is not present in any other software package. This function helps to reduce baseline noise, sharpen peaks, and correct for mobility shift problems in sequence traces. When used in conjunction with our "anti‐correlation" algorithm, it will resolve "N" calls made by the original base caller, reduce false positives due to baseline noise, and align the ends of traces more efficiently for an extended region of mutation detection.

Figure 3

This illustration show two analysis with the same parameters except one has BasePatch activated while the other does not. You can see that the trace on the left has less noise in the mutation electropherogram (1) than the image on the right. Also, both the lane quality score (2) and the phred‐like score (3) increased for the analysis with BasePatch on. BasePatch is intended to increase the overall quality of the trace for better alignment and mutation detection.

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Mutation Surveyor Capabilities:
Detection Sensitivity & Accuracy
INDEL Detection
INDEL de-Convolution
Somatic Mutation Detection
Mutation Quantification
Methylation Analysis
Hypervariable Region Variant Detection
Reference Assembly
Custom Reporting Options
Alignment of Reads
Mitochondria DNA Sequence Analysis
Base Calling
Unattended Operation 

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