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Please review some of the press releases that have been published for SoftGentics and the genetic analysis tools.

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  1. Integrated FragileX Analysis Module Added to GeneMarker® Software
  2. SoftGenetics Announces Release of New Version of its Mutation Surveyor Software
  3. GeneMarker® HID Human Identity Software Receives NDIS Expert System Approval
  4. Operational Management function incorporated into Geneticist Assistant NGS Interpretative Workbench
  5. Educational Licensing: Mutation Surveyor®, GeneMarker®, GeneMarker® HID Software
  6. Integrated FragileX Analysis Module Added to GeneMarker® Software
  7. Significant advancements implemented in new NextGENe® NGS Analysis Software
  8. No Cost CNV Analysis offered by SoftGenetics
  9. Replicate Comparison Tool added to GeneMarker®HID software eases Replicate Profile Concordance while providing 40% time savings
  10. New dispersion based Copy Number Variation (CNV) Tool added to NextGENe® Software
  11. SoftGenetics releases latest version of its NGS Analysis software NextGENe
  12. Newest version of NextGENe software released with CNV analysis module and customized reporting capabilities
  13. Comprehensive additions to NextGENe software in newly released version
  14. Multi-Template Genotyping Processor now available
  15. SoftGenetics Licenses Technology to develop Next Generation Sequencing Workbench “Geneticist

  16. Roche 454 Life Sciences and SoftGenetics Sign Co-Promotion Agreement for Next-Gen Sequencing
    Software Tools

  17. New Stepwise Paired End assembler for MiSeq data
  18. New “Flow-Based” assembler developed for Ion PGM available in NextGENe software
  19. SoftGenetics supports new GCAT-Seek initiative
  20. Prediction Capability added to NextGENe software
  21. Automated Maternal Cell Contamination added to ChimerMarker software
  22. Newest version of Mutation Surveyor® software delivers increased accuracy and capacity.
  23. NextGENe® Software version 2.14 now available
  24. SoftGenetics enters into resellers' agreement with Life Technologies for NextGENe software
  25. New Automated Chimerism Analysis software introduced at AMERICAN COLLEGE OF MEDICAL GENETICS (ACMG) 2011 Conference
  26. SoftGenetics to Supply Forensic Analysis Software for IntegenX's Automated DNA Identity Profiling system
  27. Ion PGM Module added to NextGENe® software
  28. SoftGenetics releases updated version of its GeneMarker software which includes integrated module for Cystic Fibrosis assays and other valuable tools
  29. The Bioinformatics of Next Generation Sequencing: A Meeting Report
  30. NextGENe® Software Version 2.0 Now Available
  31. New merge function creates Sanger Quality Sequence from NGS paired end reads
  32. Automatic Phase Determination of Disease Haplotype from Family Genotyping data now available in GeneMarker® Software
  33. Complete Genotype tool introduced into GeneMarker® Software
  34. Enhanced version of NextGENe® software for 2nd generation sequence analysis just released
  35. New low-cost Browser/Viewer now available for NextGENe software users
  36. Ambry Genetics and SoftGenetics Form Exclusive Alliance for Extended Bioinformatics Support for Next Generation Sequencing Projects
  37. New Paired Read Mapper designed to reduce false positives added to NextGENe® 2nd generation sequence analysis software
  38. Analysis of DNA Mixtures added to GeneMarkerHID Software
  39. Key Reference Whole Genomes now available for NextGENe® Software
  40. Whole Genome Alignment of 2nd Generation Sequencing Reads added to NextGENe® Software
  41. Aneuploidy Analysis Added to GeneMarker Software
  42. Kinship Analysis of Monoecious Plant and Invertebrate data added to GeneMarker Software
  43. Barcode Tool Now Available in NextGENe™ software for 2nd Generation Sequencing Systems
  44. New Technology Improves Size Calling of Kilobase DNA Fragments
  45. DNA Mutation & Methylation Quantification added to Mutation Surveyor® software.
  46. New Technology Improves Size Calling of Kilobase DNA Fragments.
  47. Paired Read Assembly of Short Sequence Fragments now Available in NextGENe software.
  48. SoftGenetics joins Applied Biosystems SOLiD™ Software Development Community.
  49. Comprehensive Resequencing Report Viewer now available in NextGENe software for
    NextGeneration Sequencing systems.

  50. Enhanced SNP & Indel Analysis of Illumina Genome Analyzer data in latest release of NextGENe software suite.
  51. Advanced software suite for “Next Generation” Sequencers now available from SoftGenetics.
  52. New Software Analysis Tool for Methylation Specific Multiplex-Ligation dependent Probe Amplication (MS-MLPA).
  53. Advanced software increases accuracy, sensitivity and speed of TILLING, EcoTILLING and SNP discovery applications in gel images.
  54. New Integrated Software Module Improves Accuracy, Speed, and Convenience for LOH Analysis.
  55. Hypervariable Mutation Detection Press Release.
  56. March 25, 2006: Advanced Genotyping software tool for MLPA, AFLP, Microsatellite, Quantitative, SNPlex, SnapShot & STR analysis now available.
  57. Automated DNA Methylation Sequence Analysis for Epigenitic Studies.
  58. New Genotyping software for MicroSatellite, AFLP, MLPA analysis at ABRF 2006.
  59. SoftGenetics introducing MLPA analysis software at ACMG.
  60. SoftGenetics Introduces GeneMarker® HID, Human Identity Software at the 17th International Symposium on Human Identification.
  61. New GeneMarker® module for MLPA Analysis Using Luminex xMap® Technology.
  62. Profile Comparison, Analysis Management and Pedigree Tools Added to GeneMarker®HID Human Identity Software.
  63. Advanced Gel Imaging Software Announced.