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All of the above software solutions feature unique technologies to rapidly provide the highest accuracy possible with an easy-to-use, point-and-click interface. The user-friendly software is a Windows-based program, and is backed by our leading technical and customer support capabilities.


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  Forensic DNA Analysis


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Software PowerTools that are changing genetic analysis


MaSTR™ Enlightened Probabilistic Mixture Analysis Software. MaSTR software features a rapid and transparent approach to Probabilistic Mixture Analysis which utilizes your forensic acumen in an easy-to-use Windows® environment for research, validation and casework applications. Server based MaSTR software is very cost effective, includes two simultaneous user licenses, and automatic queuing of multiple analyses.


Read the validation report in Forensic Science International: Genetics (FSI:G) Supplement Series.


GeneMarker®HTS software provides a validated streamlined workflow for forensic mitochondrial , STR, and Y-STR casework as well as medical research of mitochondrial DNA from massively parallel squencing platforms (MPS) - such as the Illumina® and Ion Torrent® - in an easy-to-use Windows® operating system.


Mutation Surveyor software includes patented anti-correlation technology, which physically compares sample sequence traces to a reference trace, providing accuracy up to 99.5% with Phred 20 bi-directional sequences and a sensitivity of 5% of the primary peak.


NextGENe software is the perfect analytical partner for the analysis of desktop sequencing data produced by Illumina® iSeq, Miniseq, MiSeq, NextSeq, HiSeq, and NovaSeq systems, Ion Torrent Ion GeneStudio S5, PGM, and Proton systems as well as other platforms. NextGENe software runs on a Windows® Operating System, which provides a biologist-friendly ‘point & click’ interface. It does not require scripting or other bioinformatics support, which are often required when using programs such as CLC Genomics Workbench, Lasergene's SeqMan Pro, as well as academic software such as MAQ & SOAP, Top Hat, BWA & Bowtie.


Developed in collaboration with the Laboratory Medicine, Information Technology and Health Science Research departments of Mayo Clinic Geneticist Assistant NGS Interpretative Workbench, is a web-based tool for the control, visualization, interpretation and historical knowledge base of next generation sequencing data targeted at specific genes for the purpose of identifying potentially pathogenic variants associated with specific conditions such as hereditary colon cancer.


Geneticist Assistant is compatible with data processed from all leading next generation sequencing platforms such as those from Ion Torrent, Illumina and Roche. The program accepts standardized BAM and VCF files, includes prediction information from SIFT, PolyPhen2, LRT and Mutation Taster as well as conservation scores data from PhyloP, GERP++ and SiPh. Additionally, information from proprietary custom databases and from the COSMIC database of somatic mutations are easily imported into the workbench.



NextGENe®LR Software is an effective and easy-to-use resource for the analysis of long read sequencing data such as data from Pacific Biosciences RS, RSII, Sequel, and Sequel II systems.


NextGENeLR can be used for structural variation detection, STR expansion analysis, and whole genome mitochondrial DNA analysis, including low frequency SNV and indel detection, structural variation detection, and mitochondrial haplotyping, with support for mixed samples. 


GeneMarker® software is unique genotype analysis software which integrates new technologies that enhance speed, accuracy and ease of analyses. The biologist-friendly software is an excellent alternative to: Applied BioSystems GeneMapper® software, or MRC Holland's Coffalyser.Net software. GeneMarker software is compatible with output files from all major sequencing systems, including ABI®PRISM, Applied Biosystems SeqStudio™, and Promega Spectrum Compact CE Systems genetic analyzers, as well as custom primers or commercially available 4-6 dye chemistries. GeneMarker software's Windows® 7-10 based operation simplifies analyses for clinical and basic research in agriculture/wildlife applications.


GeneMarker MTP software provides the analysis power of six GeneMarker programs; reducing costs while increasing efficiency of DNA fragment analysis. The automated import and assignment of analysis parameters (templates) is intuitive, reducing complexity and analysis time. GeneMarker MTP maximizes the utility of a CE plate - include up to 6 different chemistries on the same plate.


NDIS Approved Expert System!

GeneMarker® HID human identity software is an excellent choice for all forensic profiling applications. This expert system software can be employed as a "biologist-friendly" replacement for GeneMapper® IDX human identification software, reducing analyst required edits by 18-73% per sample. GeneMarker® HID is concordant with GeneMapper®ID and GeneMapper®IDX and compatible with ABI PRISM®, Applied Biosystems SeqStudio™, Promega Spectrum Compact CE Systems, or a rapid system (such as RapidHIT™ and RapidHIT™ID) and commercial chemistries. GeneMarkerHID software uses advanced Windows® technology that is intuitive and easy to learn. In addition to standard STR analysis, GeneMarker HID software has been optimized to analyze profiles from YSTRs, Low Copy Number LCN samples and replicate sample consensus.


Developed in collaboration with Mitchell Holland, Ph.D., Director of The Pennsylvania State University's Forensic Science Program. Review Dr. Holland's GeneMarkerHID Poster and Journal of Forensic Science article.


Reduce analysis time by up to 40% with GeneMarkerHID! (click here to read the article)


ChimerMarker® automated chimerism analysis software integrates speed and accuracy with a biologist-friendly interface. The software can be used to monitor chimerism level in both an allogeneic stem cells transplant (SCT) or a hematopoietic stem cells transplant (HSCT), bone marrow transplant (BMT, post bone marrow engraftment), and cord and peripheral blood stem cells transplant (PBSCT) samples.

SoftGenetics - Software PowerTools for Genetic Analysis




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